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Matrix Online Teaser Released Today


The Matrix Online

Today, retailers across the continent started selling The Matrix Revolutions DVD. Included in this compilation is a ten-minute "featurette" that will be devoted to the upcoming MMORPG, The Matrix Online. Viewers will be treated to interviews with the developers with an in-depth look at how they are adapting the Wachowski Brothers' creation to the world of online gaming.

The Matrix Online is set after The Matrix Revolutions ends. Players will interact within the Matrix itself, hacking their way into the system from broadcast depth in the "real" world. Players will be relatively free to roam the Matrix, but many of the Wachowski Brothers' collaborative stories will be actualized in the form of quests. Martial arts will be a staple, and the famous Bullet Time™ feature will also be an integral part of the game.

The tentative release date is October 14, 2004 for North America. The Matrix Online will be exclusively for PC.

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The Matrix Online
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