Drakengard Something Something

Some small bits of Drakengard information have worked their way into the public eye, as details regarding the characters and interface were released. The game, known as Drag-On Dragoon in Japan, is said to be sailing quite smoothly through the development process.

Regarding the gameplay, it was announced that over 60 different weapons will be available. Each of these weapons has its own level, and they gradually become better with increased use. On the character front, five heroes will occupy Drakengard's spotlight. Kaimu, Leonard, Evado, Ellis, and Celic will all be taking story-based missions in order to fight an evil empire in this action RPG.

Finally, Square Enix noted that the game is about 90% complete, and will be shipping to Japanese retailers this summer. Meanwhile, North American gamers will have to wait until 2004 to see the game in stores.

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