Nobunaga's Ambition Online Information Charges Forth

After shipping to Japanese stores earlier this month, Koei announced the update shedule for Nobunaga's Ambition Online. During the next year, the company plans to gradually add new locations and more brutal warlords to the game. The specifications of the updates are as follows:

    Fall 2003
  • New province: Ecchuu.
  • New daimyo (type of ruler): Nashi.

    Winter 2003
  • New provinces: Echizen, Ise, Kaga, Omi.
  • New daimyo: Honganji, Asakura, Azai.

    Spring 2004
  • New provinces: Iga, Kii, Izumi, Settsu, Yamashiro, Yamato.
  • New daimyo: Ashikaga, Miyoshi, Saika, the Iga ninja.

From the start of this MMORPG, 21 provinces are open to explore and 14 daimyo are available to follow. So, with the above updates in mind, Koei will increase the game's "size" by about 50% over the next year. Perhaps this is one reason why the game currently sits in second place for Japanese sales, as reported in this week's Japandemonium. Gamers outside of Japan can only sit and wonder if Nobunaga's Ambition Online will ever be released elsewhere.

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Source: [Impress Game Watch]

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