First Shadow Hearts 2 Details

It was recently announced that a sequel to Shadow Hearts is on the way. Now, the first details regarding Shadow Hearts 2 have surfaced.

The story of Shadow Hearts 2 will place Nicole and Karen in the spotlight, and begin approximately six months after the end of the original. The game's location will now be Asia, rather than the European setting found in the first Shadow Hearts.

In battle, the game will make some changes to the previous title's innovative "Judgment Ring" system. In addition, combos will be an integral part of defeating enemies.

The world of Shadow Hearts 2 will be one of polygonal 3D, and some significant graphical improvements are expected.

Unlike its predecessor, the new game will not be developed by Sacnoth. Instead, it will be made by Nautilus. More details will be reported as they emerge.

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Source: [Quiter]

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