Square Enix Strategies Revealed

Like the player in any good tactical RPG, key Square Enix members recently had a meeting to discuss their success and to brainstorm future strategies to tackle the market. Thus far the company has seen a 40% increase in income over last year, a figure which is comparatively high versus most other companies. However, to maintain success, the company will look to strengthen its foreign market, namely Europe and North America. Additionally, Square Enix plans to focus on improving its management and releasing more software. It also hopes to strengthen its online service, Playonline (which turned out an $8 million dollar loss this year) and is estimating a $23 million dollar profit for this fiscal year.

In terms of software, Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII (Square Enix's flagship titles) are well on their way to a Japanese release this year and next year respectively. Square Enix also mentioned plans to release this Dragon Quest to North America, and is convinced the anime style graphics (designed by Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball Z fame) will attract a new audience to the series. Finally, Kingdom Hearts 2 seems to have been put on hold due to difficulties acquiring the license from Disney.

Square Enix still stands behind the merger, claiming that most of their businesses will benefit from it. However, the company will still maintain the same divisionary structure which Squaresoft employed in past years. It plans to release games in a timely manner and without conflicting with releases from other divisions of the company. With the new focus placed on the foreign market, does that mean North American and European gamers will be seeing more releases at a faster pace? Only time will tell.

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by Matt Chan    
Source: [Gamespot]

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