Arx Fatalis Sequel Ferreted Out

Arkane Studios, creators of Arx Fatalis, has unveiled the Xbox port it announced early in April. A demo of the game was already up and running at Arkane's booth, albeit sluggishly. The developers revealed they had only been working on the Xbox build for a month, however, so things should improve by the time it is released. It is expected to find its way to stores by Christmas, and gamers eager to get a taste of what the game plays like beforehand should check out RPGamer's E3 Impressions.

Even more exciting news awaited our intrepid correspondent, however; the developers are not only working on this Xbox port, but there is also a sequel in the works. Currently titled Arx Fatalis 2, the game is slotted for a PC-only release for the time being, although that may change in the future. No information was revealed about the title, but a full announcement and a possible demo should arrive sometime this summer or fall.

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by Andrew Long    
With files from Doug Hill

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