E3 - Sony Bundles Up

While there isn't any snow forecast for the immediate future, Sony Online Entertainment Inc. is nonetheless bundling up in preparation for some serious storm-style movement. This turbulence is sure to strike after the company announced it would be packaging the leading titles in its online menu, including Everquest, its expansions, PlanetSide, EverQuest II, access to enhanced features of Sony Station (the company's online gaming center) and several of its popular Sony Station titles into one monthly fee.

Beginning May 19, 2003, the All Access Subscription, as Sony is billing the pass, will go on sale for a monthly fee of $21.99. "We have grown our business to the point where our fans have several different types of gaming options available to them and we want players to be able to experience everything we have to offer," said John Smedley, president, Sony Online Entertainment. "The SOE All Access subscription provides an easy, cost-effective way for an SOE fan to play all of our games."

It is worth noting that players will not immediately reap the full benefits of the pass, since EverQuest II does not launch until this fall. Sony also did not mention whether future titles would be added to the package, such as the hotly anticipated Star Wars Galaxies.

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by Andrew Long    

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