North America Gets a New Fantasy

Microsoft and Level-5 announced today that True Fantasy Live Online will be seeing a North American release. While this is hardly shocking news, it's nice to know that we will get to play the game Microsoft claims to be the "biggest MMORPG on Xbox Live yet." However, with so many other MMORPG options out there these days, it remains to be seen if that title alone will garner True Fantasy Live Online the attention that it seeks.

True Fantasy Live Online marks the first cel-shaded MMORPG ever, which lends it a unique, and considerably more upbeat, personality than members of the genre that have come before it. While the game is arguably "low hyped", it will offer all the bells and whistles of the highest class MMORPGs, including unique customizable characters, impressive spells, quests, various collectibles and a real-time battle system.

While a date has not yet been set for True Fantasy Live Online's American debut, expect Microsoft and Level-5 to release it in a timely fashion.

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by Matt Chan    

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