.hack Reaches a Milestone

Bandai announced today that shipments of the Playstation 2 RPG series .hack have surpassed the one million unit mark. This includes all four volumes, which have been released in Japan, and the first volume, Infection, which was released in North America in February. This number is sure to jump when the second volume, Mutation, is released to the eager North American public in May.

.hack, like the anime of the same name, thrusts players into "The World," a fully immersive online environment. While the presentation screams MMORPG, the game itself is actually a single player "traditional" RPG where the player investigates strange occurances that have recently transpired in the virtual universe. With the .hack saga sprawling four episodes, .hack//Mutation is almost sure to sell just as well as .hack//Infection, with eager gamers ready to continue their quest. The second installment is set for release on May 6th.

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Source: [Magicbox]

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