Sega Jet-Set Ready For E3

Today, Sega announced a slew of games to be featured at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo. Of the games mentioned, two RPGs caught RPGamer's attention.

The Xbox title Otogi: Myth of Demons revolves around an undead warrior from ancient Japan named Raiko. As you may have read in RPGamer's previous coverage, Raiko must master 30 different weapons and 12 types of magic in order to fend off armies of demons and prevent the impending doomsday. This game will arrive in North America in September.

Sega also said that it will use this year's E3 to show off a new game in its Phantasy Star Online series, entitled Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution. The new addition, which is currently only planned to appear on the GameCube, will expand the Phantasy Star Online universe, and include a new style of strategic, turn-based combat. The "C.A.R.D." in the title is to represent the card-collecting aspect of the game, which is to play a large part in the battle system. Players will once again be able to form parties and chat in the lobby until ready to take on the monsters of the planet Ragol. Just like the previous installments, this new PSO will feature both online and offline modes, and again put players into the roles of "Hunters." No release date has been set for the latest adventure on Ragol, but check back for updates.

E3 is right around the corner, and RPGamer will be delivering tons of news and media regarding these and many other games as the show goes down. Stay tuned.

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by Heath Hindman    

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