Koei A Big Fan Of June Releases

Alongside the revelation of a release date for Nobunaga's Ambition Online, which was almost secondary to the announcement of monthly fees for the title, Koei has also dropped another release date upon the unsuspecting gamers of Japan. Sengokushi Senki 2, a PlayStation 2 tactical RPG, has been set for release by Koei on June 26.

Sengokushi Senki 2 will feature vivid but functional graphics, and the Strategy Link System, which allows players to combine different abilities and tactics of multiple members of their army to create better results than a single attack. With the release date this soon, more information should shortly be available. The same cannot be said of news of a North American or European release, of which there has been none. The game is set to retail for 6800 yen, approximately $57.00 US.

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by Andrew Long    
Source: [The Magicbox]

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