Dragon Empires Set to Strut at E3
It has been a quiet few months since we last heard from Codemasters about its upcoming MMORPG, Dragon Empires. The silence was broken today when the company announced a plethora of fresh information about its new game that would be shown at this year's E3. Among these are the enhanced landscape engine and various new character races.

Dragon Empires takes place on the world of Fortitude, which is separated into 5 different nations, each of of which is ruled by a unique dragon. The attributes of various characters, cities, and landscapes will be related to the nation to which they belong. The developers boast that their character races will be truly unique and memorable, as they have tried to steer far away from the 'orcs & elves' formula followed by most games.

Dragon Empires is set to be released during early to mid 2004, but early beta testing will begin at the end of the year. Interested gamers can visit Codemasters's official site if they wish to be included in this process.

E3 just keeps looking better and better.

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Source: [Gamespot]
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