Sonic Team's Easter Egg Hunt Still Going

Sonic Team, makers of Sega's Phantasy Star Online, has provided online players of the game with some added incentive to log on for the next little while. First, an Easter-themed promotion that is set to continue through to the end of the month affords players who just can't have enough rares the chance to snag a few more. These rares are dropped by Rappies, holiday specific beasties that in this case have been dolled up as easter eggs.

Finding a Rappy will not be as simple as looking under a couch cushion, however; the creatures will only appear on the VR temple level in Episode II, and they appear only sporadically and at random. Still, the spoils are rich for the willing and lucky; players can net items including the Sonic Knuckle, Rabbit Wand, Wok of Akiko's Shop, Marina's Bag, Panther's Claw, Rocket Punch, Drill Launcher, Huge Battle Fan, and a new rare item, the Amore Rose.

Once the Easter excitement winds down, Sega will follow up the festivities with the introduction of a brand new quest, entitled "Bottom of the Heart." The quest will lead players over several of the areas in Episode II, introducing three new enemies along the way. It is not known whether these enemies will drop new items, but rumour has it that the new quest will enable players to enter the enigmatic Control Tower.

This festive fun is currently limited to the GameCube version of Phantasy Star Online; Xbox gamers did not get a chance to sample the holiday bonuses. Still, the longest-running online console RPG is showing no signs of slowing down.

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by Andrew Long    
Sources: [PSO World]

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