Microsoft Sends Out Asheron's Call 2 Invitation
Asheron's Call 2

Microsoft is currently inviting you to play Asheron's Call 2 for free, without the hassle of having to purchase the game first. Simply download the Free Trial Setup and follow the instructions. It will be in English, but the game itself supports French, German, Japanese, and Korean. Unlike a normal account, a credit card will not be necessary and there will be no obligation when you register. You will have 15 days to enjoy this next generation online role-playing game where the world is said to evolve around you.

If you decide that the game satisfies your level of entertainment, then you can purchase the game and just enter the Product Key to continue playing with the same characters. If the free trial does not reel you in, then perhaps the free monthly updates that add new content will. For further information, visit the AC2 website.

Minimum requirements:
Microsoft® Windows® 98/Me/XP/2000 PC with 733 MHz equivalent or higher processor
256 MB of system RAM
32 MB 3D video card with Hardware T&L
2 GB available hard disk space
4x speed or faster CD-ROM drive
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
56 Kbps or better Internet access. Internet access and an active .NET passport required to play

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by Brandon Becker    

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