Shining Soul II Limited Edition Bundle Details
Once again, Japanese gamers will get a taste of extra value merchandise which North American gamers are going to miss out on. Sega of Japan has recently released information regarding its Shining Soul II Limited Edition Bundle for Game Boy Advance in its Sega Direct Catalog.

The package includes: Shining Soul II, a handbook containing game art and background information, a Game Boy Advance cushion pouch with the Shining Soul II logo and a cell phone strap with the words Shining Soul II written on it. The special package will retail for approximately $58.00.

Shining Soul II is the sequel to the well-received Game Boy Advance RPG Shining Soul and is dubbed a “Communication RPG”. The game is set for a July 7 release in Japan and unfortunately there are no signs of a North American localization as of yet.

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by Matt Chan    
Source: [Sega Direct]

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