Pokémon Coming to GameCube, Europe

Nintendo recently revealed that it will be making a GameCube expansion disc for the Game Boy Advance title duo Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Entitled Pokémon Box, the disc allows players to transfer up to 1500 Pokémon to a memory card, view their Pokémon on the TV screen, and edit the relevant data, all through a GBA/GCN link cable.

So far, Pokémon Box has only been confirmed for a May 30 Japanese release. Two different packages will be available: one for 2000 yen (approximately $17 USD) that contains the disc and a Memory Card 59, and one for 2800 yen (approximately $24 USD) that contains the disc, memory card, and a GBA/GCN link cable.

In related news, Nintendo has also set the European release date for Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire as July 25.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Quiter / Gamers]

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