Endless Ages Offers Fresh MMORPG Perspective

In an age where numerous MMORPGs are being released daily, Summitsoft announces that it is the proud publisher of Endless Ages. Developed by Avaria, Endless Ages promises to not be an average MMORPG; instead, it claims to be the first ever first person shooter MMORPG, and it also has a few other innovations up its sleeve.

Endless Ages is set in the world of Iia where players have a multitude of options available to them. They can join clans or fly solo as they battle in arenas, go on quests, or even try their hands at being an entrepreneur through the game's trading system, which is available both online and offline. Traversing the world of Iia is an adventure in itself, as players can mobilize themselves with jetpacks, hover bikes, submarines, or even by riding on the backs of tamed beasts. Characters in Endless Ages have unusual abilities to discover and utilize, such as mind control and shape shifting.

Endless Ages will be accessible all across North America on June 2 by paying $9.95 per month after a free 30-day trial. A launch pack is also available at stores for $39.95, complete with instruction manual and strategy guide.

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by Cortney Stone    

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