Square, Enix Combine to Form MechaSquare-Enix

As of midnight tonight, Square and Enix, in an effort to save Tokyo from the dread ravaging monster Mothra, have combined to form MechaSquare-Enix. The newer, bigger, robot is by definition stronger as a result of these enhancements, and now features a pink laser, a definite upgrade on the blue version that was hampering efforts to drive Mothra out of town.

As a result of its now superior fire-power, the Power Rangers manning MechaSquare-Enix are confident their robot of death can save the treasured landmark Tokyo Tower, long the target of malicious monster attack. In addition to the new laser, the giant, biomechanical robot features improved armour, eye-lasers, spikes on its gloves, and a spiffy new logo, pictured above.

Prior to the combination, enabled by a flute duet played by rangers Yoichi and Keiji, Square Mechabot and Enix Thunderzord were being smashed all over the place in downtown Tokyo. Eyewitness reports spoke of horrible carnage, with entire neighbourhoods being wiped out in the conflict. Now, in ultimate tandem, nothing can stop this virtuous robot force, and the RPG world, along with Tokyo, will be saved once more.

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by Andrew Long    

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