Arc the Lad 4 Tidbits

More information concerning Sony's upcoming Arc the Lad: Spirits of the Dead Dusk has come to light recently. Arc 4's full 3-D system will call for a revamped battle system; rather than a rectangular movement range, characters will now operate within spheres. Speed will be the determining factor in the order in which characters act on the battle field. Unsuprisingly, characters with the highest speed move first. Characters will also have different attack ranges based upon the weapon they have equipped.

The game's setting has also been elaborated upon somewhat; the story takes place in a world in danger, where the land is drying up and the skies are darkening. Fortunately, the Spirit Stones are one day discovered deep in the Riverdale, bringing light and energy back to the world. Unfortunately, they also bring the attention of ambitious kingdoms and dangerous monsters, leading to the threat of invasion and the imperilment of the Spirit Stones. Players assume the role of the guardians Kharg and Paulet, royal family members thrust into the role of protectors of both the stones and their country.

Sony has promised a Japanese release date sometime this fall for Arc 4, although it has made no indication as to whether the game will be released in North America. The previous three titles were localized, however, so the possibility is not altogether unlikely.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magicbox]
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