Square Officially Obtains Quest

Quest has announced that Square officially sealed the deal on its acquisition of Quest's software development branch. This news comes months after RPGamer's report that Square had obtained the rights to Quest's popular Ogre Battle series of strategy-based RPGs. Square, however, has yet to divulge any specific development plans regarding the deal.

To recap past Ogre Battle games, the original Ogre Battle was released for the Super Nintendo console in 1993 and was re-released for the PlayStation in 1997 as Ogre Battle: Limited Edition. Its sequel, Tactics Ogre was published for the Super Famicon and PSX consoles (the PSX re-release was published in North America by Atlus in 1998). Ogre Battle Gaiden : The Prince of Zenobia was released for the Neo Geo Pocket Color only in Japan. Ogre Battle 64 was published in North America by Atlus in 2000, and the latest in the series, Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis, graced the Game Boy Advance last May. RPGamer will continue to report as more develops.

by Michael Henninger    
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