Shadowbane Open Beta Test Announced

Ubi Soft, the publisher of WolfPack Studios' Shadowbane, is now accepting applications for an open beta test. The game has been in a closed beta test since January 2002. The company will be allowing thousands more players into the test this year. Players interested in being picked as a tester can apply for consideration at Shadowbane's official site.

Shadowbane takes the massively multiplayer online RPG genre to a new level by offering gamers an unparalleled challenge that combines role-playing and strategic elements. The title is the first MMORPG to offer a Dynamic World Model, in which players’ actions and decisions permanently change the history, politics and landscape of the game. Players will utilize both role-playing and strategic elements for city management, army creation, siege warfare and economic development. Shadowbane is currently scheduled for release in North America on the PC later this year.

by Joseph Witham    
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