Star Ocean 3 Confirmed for North American Release
Star Ocean 3

Enix America Inc. confirmed today that Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time, the next entry in its acclaimed RPG series, will make its way to North America on the PlayStation 2 console in 2003. While no specific street date was divulged, the game will be unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on May 22-24.

This next chapter in a RPG series known for innovating the genre takes place 400 years after Star Ocean: The Second Story. The story continues with a new protagonist, Sofia Esteed, as she journeys with Fate Linegod after surviving the destruction of a once-peaceful planet by unknown alien attackers. The game features a free movement, real-time combat system and a 3-D world, which gives players full control of the camera outside of battles. RPGamer will continue its coverage later this month at E3.

by Michael Henninger    
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