MonolithSoft to Develop GameCube RPG

More information on the previously reported Namco/Nintendo deal has recently been revealed. As speculation on the identity of the original GameCube RPG slated for release next December has increased, hints have been dropped that make the RPG even more enticing. The RPG will be handled by MonolithSoft, the company behind Xenosaga, the eagerly anticipated RPG for the PlayStation 2.

Chances are the RPG arriving for the GameCube will be unrelated to the Xenogears universe. The company has great talent and experience, however, and should have little trouble with either an original series or a continuation to a previous series. The game is reported to have a unique battle system and should be available in Japan in December 2003. No North American release has been reported yet, but RPGamer will reveal more information on that and other details as they are revealed.

by Justin Weiss    
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