Sony Coyly Announces Next RPG

Sony Computer Entertainment announced a new RPG today -- Sort of. The company updated its website with a teaser for the title, hearkening back to Enix's poorly concealed build-up to the release of Dragon Warrior VII. The announcement reveals that the game will be officially unveiled in four days' time, and comes comlete with a pair of character silhouettes. These, unfortunately, don't reveal very much about what the title may be; although the artistic style is similar to a number of games that have appeared on the PlayStation, the possibility of an entirely new game can't be ruled out either.

For those fond of speculation, the character art appeared similar to that found in Final Fantasy Tactics and the Ogre Battle series; however, the likelihood of the title being a sequel to one of these two series is low. A better possibility is Cross, the developer of Dark Cloud, which is known to be working on an unnamed project currently. Whatever the case, RPGamer will be sure to bring you the official announcement when it comes four days from now.

by Andrew Long    
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