Gatehouse Games Announces Spiralstone

A new company, Gatehouse Games, founded by former members of the Core Design team, announced recently that they are working on a new and very ambitious arcade-style RPG with the depth of a PC title. This game is in production for the Game Boy Advance and is currently titled Spiralstone.

One of three company founders, Tom Scutt, described the game as "combining the best elements of the most popular existing computer role-playing games such as Diablo and Everquest with the collecting and trading elements of Pokémon." The game is also set to include an innovative multi-player feature, which would allow gamers to form teams and fight enemies that a lone player may have problems handling. In addition, players can part ways while still exploring as a team, and can also duel one another in various arenas located in cities encountered during the quest.

Martin Gibbins, Derek Leigh-Gilchrist, and Tom Scutt (all ex-Core Design members) founded the new company responsible for Spiralstone, and ex-Tomb Raider artist Peter Duncan, of Canny Monkey Productions, is creating the artwork for the title.

No word on a release date yet, as the game is presumably still very early in production, but expect more information from RPGamer as the title develops.

by Brandon Daiker    
Source: [Planet Gamecube]
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