Divine Divinity Demo Downloadable

Larian Studios, the development house responsible for 1998's smash PC strategy game LED Wars, recently announced on its official website the release of a new demo of its upcoming PC game, Divine Divinity.

Weighing in at a hefty 401 MB, the demo contains the intro movie, many voice and music samples, one playable character, and a massive dungeon containing five levels, amongst other things. It shouldn't be downloaded by those lacking broadband connections, patience, or a good chunk of hard drive space, but if one possesses all three, is the source for both the demo and the patch, which may be needed if there are compatibility problems with the program and computer.

The full version of Divine Divinity is set to feature a whopping twenty thousand screens of action, six playable characters, and up to ninety-six obtainable skills. It is currently scheduled for a spring 2002 release. Find out more at the game's official website, or check out RPGamer's own coverage.

by Brandon Daiker    
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