Anarchy Online Expansion Announced
Anarchy Online

Funcom has gone the way of many other MMORPG developers and developed an expansion pack for their award-winning Anarchy Online, called Anarchy Online: Shadowlands. Shadowlands will add a collection of new areas called, ironically enough, the Shadowlands and a floating city called Jobe. It will also add the ability to specialize in certain areas in a profession, including the eventual gain of "perks." These perks will affect skills or abilities, or even add new special abilities.

Shadowlands will add new modifications of existing breeds and new armor, and will allow players to upgrade existing items. The game will receive a graphical upgrade as well, enhancing the look of buildings, monsters, and terrains. Shadowlands currently has a winter 2002 release date. RPGamer will bring more information on this expansion pack after E3, where it will make an appearance behind closed doors.

by Justin Weiss    
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