Tirnanog 3 Details
Tirnanog III

The third title in SystemSoft's Tirnanog series was recently released in Japan. Published by SystemSoft Alpha Corporation, Tirnanog III is available exclusively in the Japanese market for the PC at 9800 yen ($76.60 USD).

Tirnanog III uses a scenario generation system which randomly creates quests for players to explore and conquer. Character classes, geographical locations and events are all decided through the use of this feature. Utilizing this function allows for endless combinations of play styles and campaigns. SystemSoft claims that there are no less than 10 billion potential worlds and characters thanks to the scenario generation system.

The game is played out in real-time, and its interface mimics the appearance of its North American PC RPG counterparts. The player is presented with a number of commands, such as movement and defense to help guide characters through adventures and battles. The game puts an emphasis on strategic battles and is taken to a much higher level of complexity than its predecessors.

It is unlikely that Tirnanog III will ever be released in North America.

by Joseph Witham    
Source: [Game Watch]
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