Project Venus Details Uncovered

Namco has released some new information regarding their sequel to Seven - The Cavalry of Molmorth, called Project Venus. The game will take place a hundred years after the story of the original game and will retain a few gameplay elements from the original. For example, the "rotation battle system" is back, which allows the player to rotate his or her characters between rows dedicated to fighting, support, or defense/healing. Good row management is a must in this game, for once a character dies, that character is removed from the game.

Certain characters in Project Venus will be able to cast summon spells, giving the player some much-needed power to counteract the permanent death feature. No information is currently known on Project Venus' price or release date, but if Seven is any indication, the game will probably not make it to North American shores. RPGamer will bring any more news as it arrives.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Magic Box]
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