Working Designs to Conduct Arc the Lad Watch Auction
Arc the Lad Collection

Working Designs has announced a special promotion for fans of its recently released Arc the Lad Collection. The company will be putting a series of six complete framed sets of all 14 character watches up for auction on Ebay. The winning bidder will be presented with a list of several non-profit fan-run game sites that have helped promote Working Designs' games over the years, and he or she will choose one of the websites that the company will send the proceeds of the auction to.

The set of watches includes all 14 of the limited-edition pocket watches in a case, featuring 14 different characters from Arc the Lad Collection: Arc, Poco, Kukuru, Gogen, Chongara, Tosh, Choko, Elc, Lieza, Shu, Shante, Diekbeck, Alec and Anrietta. Once the framed set is listed on Ebay, a link to the auction will be posted at Working Designs' official site.

by Joseph Witham    
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