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Monster Gate

Konami has announced a GBA port of their popular arcade action-RPG Monster Gate. In this game, players can select from a soldier, a sorcerer, a gambler, or a devilman. These characters will search dungeons and castles, exterminating monsters and eventually resealing the monster gate to restore peace to the world. Players will become stronger by defeating monsters in the dungeons and can collect "magic cards," which will cause varying effects, such as stamina recovery, increase in attack and defensive power, or other such abilities. The cards will disappear as they are used, so prudent players would do well to stock up on as many as possible.

When a level is cleared, the money and cards the player gets are received as a reward; thus, it is in a player's best interest to collect as many cards as possible before finally clearing the stage. The Game Boy Advance version reproduces the effects, graphics, and sound of the arcade version completely. A four-player mode is also available using the link cable, and a battle mode hidden in the arcade version will be freely available in the Game Boy Advance version. Monster Gate will be available in Japan on July 4th for 4,800 yen (about $37.00).

by Justin Weiss    
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