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Get Backers

Konami has just announced the newest RPG in their Get Backers series, Get Backers: The Stolen City of Infinite. Based on a popular weekly manga of the same name, Get Backers follows the adventures of two people who use their special abilities to recover various items, valuables, and even people who have been lost. In this specific game, the two have been offered a huge sum of money to do a job from an unknown customer who hails from the "City of Infinite." The only way Ban and Ginji can discover exactly what the job entails is to go to the city itself.

In their quest, Ben and Ginji will have to fight their way through randomly generated dungeons populated with monsters and traps. Special events will occur in specific rooms in the dungeon, however, so it is beneficial to explore every corner. Battles follow a fighting-game control style, with the buttons controlling attacks of various strengths, the direction pad blocking, R1 using items found in the dungeon, and L1 switching between characters. Strong attacks will drain the stamina bar more than weak attacks, so a balance between attacks is necessary. Special attacks can be used with combinations of strong and weak attacks, and combo moves can be used when the stamina meter is full.

Get Backers: The Stolen City of Infinite uses a cel-shaded 2-D-on-3-D graphical style reminiscient of Xenogears. The game will find a release in Japan in late September for 6,800 yen (about $52.00). No North American release is planned, and though a release may not be likely due to the manga tie-in, much stranger games have made the jump overseas.

by Justin Weiss    
Sources: [Magic Box, Game Watch]
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