Telefang 2 Latches Onto Japanese Shelves in Late April

In Telefang 2, Japanese developer Smilesoft's upcoming Game Boy Advance RPG, a mystery involving a group of vanishing townspeople must be unraveled. The narrative integrates elements of time travel and converging dimensions, as the player attempts to discover the fate of all missing persons while battling monsters from other planar realms. A cell phone system of communication is used to reach out and touch allied characters; reportedly, this system can be used during battles, though it is yet unknown how this interaction impacts gameplay during fight scenes.

Telefang 2 is scheduled for an April 26, 2002 release in Japan. Smilesoft will take a page out of Pokémon's playbook by releasing two versions, each with its own unique monsters and characters. There are no plans by any party to release the game outside of Japan at this time.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [XenGamers]
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