Dungeon Siege Demo Released
Dungeon Siege

RPGamers still deciding whether or not to pick up Microsoft's Dungeon Siege now have one more way to help them decide -- personal experience. A full-featured demo has been released by Microsoft, which will give players their first taste of the world of Dungeon Siege. Containing a little over ten percent of the final game, the demo will allow players to hack and slash their way through forest, city, and cave areas. Players will be able to use various melee weapons, bows, and magic spells to destroy Krug, skeletons, and gargoyles.

The demo has between three and five hours of play time in single player mode, and also offers a multiplayer mode. The game will begin with control over a single character, though up to four others can be gathered during the course of the demo. The game itself is currently available at retail outlets or at Microsoft's online store. Interested players can download the demo here.

by Justin Weiss    
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