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Suikoden III

The Suikoden series of RPGs has gathered a large fan following since its creation. It comes as no surprise, then, that Suikoden III is one of the most highly anticipated RPGs for the PlayStation 2. Suikoden III will bring several rarely seen storytelling techniques back to the genre, such as a single storyline told through the eyes of three leading characters. The "Trinity Sight" system will streamline this storytelling method, by allowing the player to rotate between the three characters and make decisions with one character that will affect the other characters' scenarios.

The game will begin in a nomadic area called the Grasslands, where players will meet the first character. His name is Hugo, and he will travel with his friends Ruru, Sergeant Jyo, and the Griffin Fuuba. The second character is a kinght in the Grasslands who is trying to return to her homeland after a successful counterattack to an ambush. Her name is Chris, and she travels with an archer named Rolan and her friend Salome. Finally, a frontier guard commander named Geddoe has been ordered to investigate an incident in the grasslands. He travels with a mercenary named Ace and a fencer named Queen.

The battle system will allow 6 characters to battle at once, with fighters taking up the front row and long range attackers and magic users taking up the back row. Combos are possible between the two rows, and the order of actions is determined through the Active Time Initiative System, which is based on the amount of time needed to perform the actions. Characters can move freely around the battlefield, and characters can learn skills such as Swing, Strike, Bargain, and Cook. Suikoden III has a scheduled summer release in Japan, but no North American release has been announced. RPGamer will bring more news on this eagerly awaited game as it arrives.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Magic Box]
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