Anarchy Online: Special Edition in May
Anarchy Online

Following a very shaky launch and eventually improving to the point of winning several "Best MMORPG" awards from various media sources, Funcom has announced the release of a special retail edition of Anarchy Online. With a planned shipping date of May 15th, the game will arrive in a newly designed box and will contain an updated version of Anarchy Online along with a bonus CD that has a complete PDF version of the novel Anarchy Online: Prophet Without Honor, all of the animated story sequences, four full music samples from the soundtrack, a high-resolution version of the introductory video, an updated manual, and concept art and wallpaper. Also included will be a deluxe map and a keyboard map, a character creation guide, and beginner hints and tips to ease new players into the game.

Anarchy Online holds the distinction of being the only science-fiction 3-D MMORPG, and will allow players to take control of a character in a time period nearly 30,000 years in the future. The special edition will retail for $19.99, and comes with a free month of play, after which the standard fee of $12.95 a month will begin. The special edition will be available for pre-order later today on Funcom's online store.

by Justin Weiss    
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