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Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage
Due out on N64 this summer, Aidyn Chronicles will give the console's RPG collection a much desired shot in the arm. The game is a action oriented RPG, and is set to feature many original and unique elements to differentiate it from other games. Coming from H20 under THQ supervision, players take part in a quest which does not involve saving the world, which is particularly interesting in these glorified world saving RPG hero days.

Atlus Mystery Game
Atlus has announced on their website that a mystery game will be paraded at this year's E3. Check out for their small reference to the title in question.

Breath of Fire IV
This is the fourth title in Capcom's popular Breath of Fire series. The game more or less identifies with the Breath of Fire tradition and keeps most of the elements from previous games. Ryu and Nina return again in new forms and with different quests. The game features a dual hero system and looks to further cement the series with its fans. People who already know and love Breath of Fire will be instantly at home here.

Chrono Cross
Sequel to the hugely popular Chrono Trigger, product of the dream team triangle of Toriyama, Sakaguchi, and Horii, which was released on the Super Nintendo. This game finally sets in stone the huge round of rumours regarding a sequel. Essentially a remake of Chrono Trigger's unofficial sequel, Radical Dreamers, on the Super Nintendo, Chrono Cross expands and greatly enhances this title. Taking place 20 years after the Chrono Trigger timescale, Cross will feature dimension hopping rather than time skipping. The battle system borrows from Square's newer titles but keeps the Tech attacks from Chrono Trigger. The graphics are spectacular, and the game keeps a Chrono Trigger feel despite its update.

Dragon Quest 1-2
Enix has decided to cash in on the huge popularity of the Nintendo Game Boy by re-releasing 2 old favorites on one cartridge. The games will be based on the NES titles which received a North American airing in the early 90's. Nintendo's policy for translating NES games to the GBC requires that the game must differ somehow, so expect small additions to the gameplay.

Dragon Valor
On show from Namco is the company's first real attempt at an action RPG, following their dabbling in the anime styled "Tales of" series. Gameplay is akin to Secret of Mana, with action oriented gameplay but still taking aboard concepts such as hit points and experience. The game is loosely based around the company's 1984 title Dragonbuster. Each dragon the player faces is representative of a certain element and only vulnerable to certain weapons and attacks. Dragon Valor also features weapon charging, but whether this is like a mere Zelda charge, or Mana styled weapon upping is yet to be seen.

Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy IX is the latest continuation in the long running Final Fantasy series and with every installment the number of fans grow. With the ninth title, the series returns to its original roots and traditional values, possibly to appease the long standing followers who feel short-changed by VII and VIII's different approaches. Information on this title is slowly ebbing out now as we draw closer to the July release in Japan.

Koudelka is set in the mysterious Nemeton Convent, an abandoned ruin by the cliffs of Aberystwyth, Wales. The 19th century religious community is rumored to be home to both fabulous treasures, and horrifying monsters. You control Koudelka Iassant, Edward Blunkett, and Father James O'Flaherty, three adventurers attempting to solve the mysteries surrounding the convent. The game creators are billing it as a "horror RPG," and its setting gives it a gothic and dark feel. This is one to watch.

Legend of Mana
This is the fourth installment in the Seiken Densetsu (loosely translated as Holy Sword Legend) series, which has appeared in North America in Final Fantasy Adventure on the Game Boy and the massively successful Secret of Mana on the Super Nintendo. Seiken Densetsu 3 was never released outside Japan, a decision which still rankles with many a westerner, but Square will return the series to North America in October this year. The game features some stunning hand drawn graphics and has a unique world building system.

Neverwinter Nights
Neverwinter Nights is a game based on the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons universe and is developed by BioWare, the creators of Baldur's Gate. The game is designed to appeal to those who enjoy the pen and paper style Dungeon rearing. The game is set to be playable online, and features a toolset named Solstice which can be used to create new dungeons and world for you or others to bask in. The game will have a range of features and as the Dungeon Master, the player can perform a variety of tricks including possesion and plot altering. This looks promising.

Ogre Battle 64
Another (yes, that's two now) third party RPG to be released on the N64 comes from Quest under the Atlus wing. Returning to traditional values after the series' brief diversion in Tactics Ogre, Ogre Battle 64 features a themed story with the hero, Magnus Gallant, becoming disillusioned with the evil reign that he serves under and joining an underground movement against it. The gameplay is isometric and is akin to that of the original Ogre Battle.

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