A 4 Player RPG?

   T&E Soft released some news on a sequel to Blaze and Blade: Eternal Quest, called Blaze and Blade Busters. The characters of Eternal Quest return for the sequel, but with a new twist to the game. Using the multitap for the PlayStation, up to four people can control characters at one time. Not since Square's Secret of Mana has there been a multi-player RPG, and this is a first to have four players, and a first for the PlayStation.

   Another nice feature is the ability to load characters from Eternal Quest, however Busters' characters will not load in Eternal Quest. Overall, the game has been enhanced graphically, and play control has improved as well. Another addition is a second-hand shop, where the players will be able to purchase items at any time during the game, instead of only at the auctions.

   The current release date for the PlayStation is September 1998 in Japan. There currently is no translation scheduled for the U.S.

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[Editor's Note: SoM was known as a multiplayer game, but the previous wording did not indicate this. I hope this is more clear.]

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