Ogre Battle 3 Revealed

   Everyone has been waiting for any news about this sequel to Ogre Battle, and Tactics Ogre, and it has finally come. The long-time developer for Nintendo, Quest, released some screenshots and character information about their expected N64 hit.

    Major characters include:
  • Magnus Galand: Leader of the Paradise Kingdom Army
  • Leiah Silvis: His female counterpart
  • Diomedes Lang: A famous fighter for the Paradise Kingdom Army
  • Procas Durmael: Royal leader of Paradise Kingdom
  • Yumil Durmael: Second prince of Paradise Kingdom
  • Richard Grendel: Templar from Rodis
   Assorted types of characters are about in this game. Knights, wizards, warlocks, witches, dragonknights, wyvurns, and dragons are just some of the types found in this game. Ogre Battle 3 also borrows alignment types from D&D (lawful, neutral or chaotic), adding a new depth to this game.

   Japan can expect this title to be released in the fall of 1998. No one has been named the US publisher, but there are quite a few contenders. Following the current trend of US translations, an expected US release is for the spring 1999.

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