Ascii cans RPG Maker from U.S. release

Ascii Entertainment, a popular video game developer and publisher, has recently announced that it will no longer be releasing three of its Japanese titles to the North American market, including the highly anticipated title, RPG Maker.

The three titles cancelled from the list of games to be translated for the Playstation and released are RPG Maker, Fighter Maker, and Rising the Zan. Previously set to make an appearance at the upcoming E3 tradeshow in Atlanta, the games will now be missing from Ascii's lineup.

When prompted with inquiries as to why plans to release the three titles were being scrapped, an Ascii spokesperson stated that "Ascii is focusing its energy into other projects right now. In fact, the titles won't even be showing at E3."

RPG Maker has been highly anticipated by role-playing game fans, as the title is the first of its kind. The unique title allows a player to create an entire RPG themselves, from the graphics and music to plot / dialogue development. Many creative, amazing scenarios have already been created by players in Japan, and there has been a great deal of pent-up demand in North America by gamers wishing to unleash their creative talents in a title such as RPG Maker.

At this point, it is unlikely that Ascii will reverse their current decision to cancel the release of the three games, given the classic reluctance of video game companies to change their mind on translation once a decision has been made.

Ascii Entertainment can be reached at their web page,

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