FF8 logo; press conference coming


There it is. The first peice of information truly related to Final Fantasy VIII. May the speculation begin.

Square released the logo unceremoniously. It was included on an information package about an upcoming press conference about FF8. It is scheduled for this Friday.

It's unclear exactly what the logo is, but hopefully Square will give the eager public some kind of explanation on Friday.

Different guesses as to what exactly the logo is, and even what it means as far as the storyline goes are flowing freely from fans' minds. Current theories, some more likely to be true than others:
1) A man and woman embracing
2) A woman and a child
3) A man and a child
4) A chocobo
5) A phoenix

Some fans have also suggested that the style of the logo suggests a return to a less-technological format, as shown by what could be a cape on the man.

Development on the game is said to be at about 10%. Square plans to release the game before the end of this fiscal year, which ends in March of 1999.

Stay tuned for more Final Fantasy VIII information. We'll put it up as soon as we get it.

Source: IGN
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