IGN relaunches morning news site

Fastest Game News Online is IGN's Official Morning News Site, and it launches bright and early on Monday, May 4.

You'll find the site at It updates at 9.00am Eastern and 9.00am Pacific every weekday, and guarantees more game-related news than any other website.

Some of you will recognize the style of the site. It's the relaunched version of, which has been attracting a loyal following of readers since its launch in November.

FGNOnline will give you a chance to check out the very latest game-related news every morning. It also offers daily links to the best new previews and reviews, giving you direct access to the most up-to-date IGN content. You'll start the day by reading daily news on the latest events in the game industry, including official announcements, inside stories, latest trends and pertinent opinions. It beats munching Cocoa Pebbles.

Source: Text copied from email

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