Eidos' webpage wrong: FFV is coming on PC

Interviews with both Square and Eidos have confirmed that the webpage saying that Eidos is not bringing Final Fantasy V to the U.S. is in fact erroneous.

While neither company had much to say about the specifics of the game, both did say that it was indeed coming to the PC. The release date is unspecified, but it will be "after FFVII's release."

Eidos was also able to give us a more exact release date on Final Fantasy VII for PC: June. They didn't have a specific day, however.

FFV, which for a brief time was going to come to the U.S. as FF3 (rather than FFVI), is a game that many gamers have shown huge interest in wanting for a long period of time. While graphically unimpressive, many that have played the game call it Square's masterpiece.

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