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NIS America Details Participants of Operation Babel


Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy

NIS America recently updated its official website for Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy, providing character introductions for the cast of the game. New characters appearing in the game are Hikaru Nanase, Kieru, and ILITH. They are joined by some returning characters from Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy in the forms of Alice Mifune, Noriko Hibino, Kaito Saeki, and Kenichi Kanzaki. Also appearing the game are a group of characters known as the Seven Hands. Little is known about them other than their objective: to destroy an object called the Imperial Core.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy is a dungeon-crawling developed by Experience Inc and is the sequel to the 2015 PlayStation Vita game Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy. Operation Abyss and Operation Babel take place sometime in the future, in the year 20XX. The games follow a task force with special powers known as the Xth Squad that investigates and deals with supernatural occurrences. Operation Babel takes place following the events of Operation Abyss, when a 3,000km-long object known as the Embyro suddenly appears in the sky. Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy is planned for release on both PlayStation Vita and PC (via Steam) in spring 2017, with a PC port of Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy also planned for release via Steam in early 2017.

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