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Final Fantasy XV Shows Off Updated Combat


Final Fantasy XV

At the most recent Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix released a trailer showcasing the improvements made to that game's battle system since Episode Duscae. The setting for the trailer is a Niflheim Base that Noctis and his gang are looking to destroy.

The first new thing to be shown was the Warp Kill, a stealthy move that immediately kills smaller enemies. Equipped weapons no longer cycle through a preset deck but are made active by a directional input of the D-Pad. Members of Noctis' party will also be able to use special cooperative abilities, where the focus will shift to the party member during the attack. More of these attacks are unlocked through the use of a skill tree that is tied to an ally's growth.

Magic was discussed in more detail, being split into two disciplines. Elemental magic has been reduced to the base spells, but these spells can now be customized in more ways as well as having environmental effects, such as igniting explosive oils or freezing water temporarily. The other type of magic is Ring magic, which is bestowed upon the wearer of the royal ring of Lucis and passed down the family line. This magic will only be available after a certain point in the story. Along with the changes made to the combat and magic, the trailer also briefly reintroduced the enemy dragoon, now named Aranea Highwind.

Square Enix is also planning a massive unveiling event to take place on March 30, 2016 titled "Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV". The show will be held in the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles at 7 pm PST. The planned announcements for the show include a name and date for the updated demo, pricing for the game, and the game's final release date, which is still planned for 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Battle Trailer

Active Time Report


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