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Grow Innocents, Customize Headquarters, and More in Disgaea 5


Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Though the West has to wait until this Fall for Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, Japan will get the game little later this month, on March 26. As such, more information about the PlayStation 4 exclusive has been revealed. One of the game's new mechanics is the Innocent Farm system. Innocents, sometimes called Specialists in the Disgaea series, are residents that can inhabit just about any type of item. These residents boost the item's stats or attributes. In Disgaea 5, Innocents can grow stronger by staying at the farm while the player progresses through the game and engages in combat. By leaving two or more Innocents at the farm, a new one may be born with better growth potential than standard Innocents.

Players can also customize their headquarters, also known as the Mini-Netherworld. The exterior can be decorated with a variety of parts and the placement of NPCs and facilities can also be changed. The way the exterior is customized can create various beneficial effects when the Mini-Netherworld is summoned in a battle. The Mini-Netherworld can also be shared online, causing them to appear in other players' games as part of Item Worlds or Research Teams.

More screenshots can be viewed here.

Another interesting online function for Disgaea 5 is how it will take advantage of streaming. As an example, experience points earned from defeated enemies may increase depending on how many viewers are watching a given stream and the number of comments affects items yielded. Records of a player's gameplay stats will be viewable and they can send custom news bulletins in their feeds. Players can also gift items to one another, which will appear in their Mini-Netherworld in treasure chests.

Nippon Ichi Software has also released some new media for Disgaea 5, including two short videos, which can be watched below. They introduce two new characters, Zeroken the werewolf and Christo the Dark Priest, respectively.

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