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Borderlands 2 Expands Again


Borderlands 2

Today at PAX East, Gearbox showed off its plans for Borderlands 2 beginning on April 2, when the level cap increases to 61. Also being added for this update is the addition of pearlescent weapons, which fans of the original game will remember were added in one of the DLCs, and are more powerful than Legendary weapons. This update will cost players $5, unless they have already purchased the season pass, in which case it will be free.

Also launching on April 2 will be a new mode, called Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, and this will require players to already be at least level 50. This mode will be free to all vault hunters, unlike the other update being released the same day.

Coming in May, players will be able to take the reigns of a new vault hunter, named Krieg, who is a Psycho bandit. This will be a melee-based character, which will have an action skill based around the axe the player carries. This new character will be downloadable for approx. $10, and it is currently unknown if this will be discounted through the season pass.

At the end of the live event, Gearbox also showed off a teaser for its upcoming story DLC, which is expected to release in June. While no details were given, a trailer was shown with Tiny Tiny playing a Dungeons & Dragons inspired board game, titled "Bunkers and Badasses," with Mordecai, Brick, and Lilith.

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