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Square Enix Debuts All the Bravest


Final Fantasy: All the Bravest

Square Enix has officially unveiled its new iOS title, Final Fantasy: All the Bravest. The game is currently available on the Japanese iTunes store, and will be arriving in North America in the near future.

As its acronym implies, All the Bravest features the return of the Active Time Battle system, but with a new twist. In this game, a veritable army of heroes will be facing off against monsters in a touchscreen-based system.

All the Bravest will also be packed with Final Fantasy nostalgia, as it will be made in a 16-bit style, characters will sport classic Final Fantasy jobs, and they'll fight familiar monsters like bombs and cactuars while classic battle tunes play. Square Enix is giving players plenty of chances to lighten their pocketbooks as well. Players can purchase random famous characters from Final Fantasy games and special battle stages based on several game worlds.

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Final Fantasy: All the Bravest
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