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Suikoden Tierkreis's Online Features Detailed


Suikoden Tierkreis

Konami has provided more specific details about Suikoden Tierkreis's online features. Suikoden Tierkreis for the Nintendo DS will be released in North America on March 17, 2009.

Part of Tierkreis's story revolves around the Infinity; an infinite number of parallel worlds. This is tied into the game's online mode as characters are sent through the Infinity over the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection and become available for hire by other Tierkreis players. Hired characters will be given a mission to complete. Upon completion, rewards, such as trade goods and rare items, are shared by both players. Exchanged characters keep any earned experience to boot. There are rare items that can only be found and boss battles that can only be experienced by using Suikoden Tierkreis's online mode.

RPGamer has released a recent impression of Suikoden Tierkreis that readers to can use to find out about the game's offline features. Suikoden Tierkreis has been rated E10+ and will retail for $34.99.

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Suikoden Tierkreis
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