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Friendships to be Broken Portably


Dokapon Journey

In an effort to destroy friendships across all platforms, Atlus has announced that Dokapon Journey will be coming to the Nintendo DS this spring. This board game-RPG will have adventures seeking to save the Kingdom of Dokapon from the invading monsters. The hero that restores peace to the land will win the crown of the kingdom and the hand of Princess Penny.

Dokapon Journey will bring the competitive board game system first seen in Dokapon Kingdom to a portable system. Players will be able to battle against AI opponents or locally versus up to three soon-to-be-former-friends in an effort to capture towns, level up, and earn money. A wide selection of options will be available for defeating the opposition such as beating an enemy another player had weakened, attacking a fellow player, or using items to hinder others. Dokapon Journey is all about the multiplayer focus and while it does not offer Wi-Fi support, it does offer a single-cart mode that only requires one local person to have the game.

The current scheduled release date for Dokapon Journey is April 14, 2009. This Sting-developed title has been rated E10+ by the ESRB. Stay tuned for updates as friendships reach the danger zone this spring.

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Dokapon Journey
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